Crystal Air Plants
Crystal Air Plants
Crystal Air Plants
Crystal Air Plants

Crystal Air Plants

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The air plants are adhered to the crystal. 


**For info on shipping plants in extreme weather, read COLD/ HOT WEATHER SHIPPING section below**



✦1 - 2 inch Live Air Plant

✦1 - 2 inch Crystals (Select Size)

✦Crystal Meaning Cards

✦Detailed Plant Care Instructions


Just as what we see in nature varies, you will see some slight variations in sizes, colors, and shapes of air plants and crystals.


✦Packaging materials + product tags/cards are made from recycled materials!



✦Dunk the air plant in water or mist 1 - 2X per week

✦Air plants like bright indirect sunlight, or bright indoor lighting




Bring the plants indoors and water them immediately after they arrive, especially in more extreme temperatures (below 40 or above 90 F). We have shipped thousands of boxes of plants in extreme weather and have had very few incidences of plants dying, however It is important to know that no refund or return will be approved on plants damaged or killed by extreme weather.

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