Hey Guys!

So here we are, 2 years into this little store, and I am finally introducing the whole thing.  Better late than never huh?  Well here's the scoop.  I am not a store gal!  It was never my thing.  My husband and I are booth and market people.  But over the course of a couple of months I found myself caught up in the frenzy and well CRAZY to open a shop. Things do not always work out the way we plan or intend them to. So there I was....a nurse, used to wearing scrubs, also used to schlepping furniture, 3 months into a new boutique and learning to swim.  What was a girl to but to surround herself with GREAT and AMAZING staff!

I have had some of the best people come along side me over the last 2 plus years.  Some have stayed and others have only visited for a short time, and others still have run off to join the USAF and live in Cali....(I mean I am proud but we miss her) 

Last fall we got a WILD idea to open a second space to open up for our market friends and while it was so fun and incredibly amazing, it just proved to be more than we needed to be doing at this time.  

So here we are, two years later, shaking things up again, stay tuned to see what is next!  Thank you as always for your support!  Thank you for shopping with us and we cannot wait for you to see what is next!